Tuesday, February 19, 2013

organization helps neglected elderly widow of war veteran

Patriot Connections LLC
Kathy Dent, Executive Director
(803) 960-2501

PTSD Victim Reaches out to Disabled WW2 Veteran’s Widow for Home Rebuild Service Project

February 19, 2013 Contact: Keith Seymour

On February 20, 2013, at 10:30AM, a press conference will be held at the home of Mrs. Mary Davis of 1314 Woodrow Street in Columbia, SC. Mrs. Davis, a recent amputee, is the widow of World War II Veteran PRC Solomon Davis.

Mrs. Davis, confined to a wheelchair and recently denied her husband’s military benefits, is living in substandard and beyond poverty conditions that have jeopardized her health. The condition of her substandard housing conditions includes lacks of an accessible bathroom, stable flooring, and other necessities. Additionally, the absence of a wheelchair ramp has made Mrs. Davis a virtual prisoner of her own home.

The combined assistance of various community organizations and individuals have made it possible to begin renovations on Mrs. Davis’ house as of February 28th, 2013.

Those involved would like to reach out to the media and community at large to be involved in helping an elderly woman who has made the sacrifice to have her husband defend and protect our country. It is our hope that the community will volunteer their time and any monetary and in-kind donations that they can spare.

It is the purpose of those organizations and individuals involved to bring awareness to the community of these veterans and their families that have been overlooked and are failing to receive proper medical attention and financial benefits.

For donations, volunteering efforts, and further information on Mrs. Davis’s housing project, please contact Kathy Dent ((803)960-2501, patriotconnectionsllc@gmail.com), Gabriella Carrafiello ((914)906-1454, gabriellacarrafiello@gmail.com), or Keith Seymour ((803)-960-8785, keithhseymour@bellsouth.net).

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