Saturday, March 17, 2018

As part of its Operation Hope program to help Help Columbia Area organizations in the Columbia, and South Carolina area (Special Olympics, "Camp Talk" for Autistic students and children, and "Pendergrass-fairwold School," in Richland School District One, Knights of Columbus Council 6892 at "Our Lady of the Hills' will be taking part in the "Belk Charity Day's Sale"on May 5, 2018.The event will be from 6-10 a.m., and Belk stores and will be held exclusively during these hours for people who buy tickets to the event. Tickets are $5.00 each, and the event will feature rarely discounted items, and the tickets are good on already discounted items. All money raised from this will got help the above-mentioned charities. Tickets purchased may be used at any Belk's Department store in the country, on May 5th, 2018. Also, those purchasing tickets and attending the event may pre-purchase/put items on layaway, and pick the item(s) on May 5, 2018. I fo you have a Belk d/department store charge card you may pre-purchase items as early as April 2,2018. Those without a Belk department store charge card on April 23, 2018, items For more information, or to purchase tickets, you may contact me here on Facebook, my facebook page Keith H. Seymour, Freelance Writer, media consultant, and poet, at,, or at cell phone number 803-960-8785. I  will notify you as soon as it is on our website Please support the charities by purchasing tickets from Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Knigths of columbus raise money for special nneds

Knights of Columbus Council 6892, at Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church, will hold it’s annual “Columbus HOPE” fundraising campaign for Intellectually Disabled citizens, during the months of September, October and November 2017.
The fundraiser will consist of Knights of Columbus members handing out Tootsie rolls and collecting donations, while standing in front of various stores in the Irmo and Columbia area.
“Columbus HOPE” is an annual national campaign raising funds for people with Intellectual Disabilities, which is put on by the Knights of Columbus.  The funds raised by the council at Our Lady of the Hills Catholic church will benefit the following organizations: South Carolina Special Olympics, Camp Talk (for Autistic youth), and the Pendergrass-Fairwold School in Richland County School District One.
The Knights of Columbus are also holding a fundraising pancake breakfast on September 30, from 7:30am - 10:30am, at Fatz Cafe’, located at 7492 Broad River Road, in Irmo.  Tickets to the breakfast are $7.00 per adult and $5 for those 5-12 years old. Children under five years of age eat free. Tickets may be purchased in advance, or at the door.  All proceeds from the breakfast will go to the above named organizations.

Donations may also be mailed to the Knights of Columbus, ℅ Doug Mader, Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church, 120 Marydale Lane, Columbia, South Carolina, 29210. Persons interested in more information on this or any other “Columbus HOPE” fund raising program may contact Doug Mader at (, or Mr. Keith Seymour at They may also go to the Knights of Columbus website at www.kofc6892.0rg.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Knights of Columbus Assembly 1072 honors First Repsonders with Christmas Dinner

                                       AREA FIRST RESPONDERS

Knights of Columbus Assembly 1072 in Columbia will be holding a special Christmas Dinner in honor of “First Responders” from the City of Columbia and Richland County recognition and awards dinner, which will be held on Wednesday, December 21st at the Knights of Columbus Assembly headquarters located located at 1623 Marion Street, will begin at 6:30 p.m, The dinner will be preceded by a time for guests and honorees to socialize.

Attending the event with the honorees and their guests will be various elected officials and leaders from Richland County and the City of Columbia. These dignitaries include Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott and City of Columbia Fire Chief, Aubrey Jenkins, as well as other city and county leaders.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Charitable fraternity established by Father Micheal J. McGiveney in 1882, and operates off the four guiding tenets of “Charity,” “Fraternity” (Brotherhood), “Unity,” and “Patriotism.” The organization is one of the largest and most active “Faith Based” layperson organizations in the world. The Fourth Degree Assembly of “Sir Knights” are made up of a group of men from all walks of life that are leaders in the organization, community, and church.

For more information on this event and the Knights of Columbus, please feel free to contact Knights of Columbus District Deputy Michael Mancari at 803-917-6444, or event organizer Arnold Farias at 347-281-3928.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


MG (Ret) Don Tyre
COL Lisa Craig
Vice President
LTC Betsy Evans
SFC Susan Bush
MAJ (Ret) Debra A. Cox
Executive Director

          Tax Identification Number




Cayce, South Carolina - The disaster relief organization, “Rocking 4 Relief” will hold a benefit concert to raise funds to assist those in the Midlands area that recently suffered losses in the “Thousand Year Flood,” that occurred last month, including the Lower Richland Area.

The November 15th event that will also honor the victims of the June shooting at “Mother Emmanuel AME Church,” in Charleston, will be held at well known historic “Columbia Speedway.” in Cayce, South Carolina.

Among the various artists that have agreed to perform at the “Rocking 4 Relief” benefit concert, are R&B recording artist Lyfe Jennings, "America's Got Talent,” and South Carolina natives Candace Glover, the 2013 winner of the “American Idol” television show, and Benton Blount. Also performing at the event will be Kimberly Nichole of "The Voice," rock and roll guitarist Malina Moye and various legendary Hall of Fame artists.

Tickets will be on sale to the public as of Wednesday November 4,2015 Those wishing to purchase tickets, or more information on the November 15th Benefit Concert, may visit

Friday, April 3, 2015

Midlands Transit Riders to hold press conference April 8, 2015

Midlands Transit Riders Association
P. O. Box 263, Columbia, SC 29202

April 1, 2015
For Immediate Release

Dear (insert name):
The Midlands Transit Riders Association is proud to announce that it is celebrating its Second Anniversary as a non-profit organization operating working with the Comet Transit Service, area municipalities and businesses as advocates  for transit riders.  We will do this  at a press conference that will be held at the Transit Center parking lot on Laurel Street. The Press conference will be held  on Wednesday April 8, 2015, at 2:00 p.m.
The founding of our organization on April 3, 2013 was and continues to be a catalyst for positive social and economic change within the Columbia-Midlands Area. While working with the Comet Transit Service, area municipalities and businesses over the past year, we have accomplished several goals, including some which we had not foreseen as achieving within a time period that they were achieved. The board of the Midlands Transit  Riders Association would like to share these accomplishments with the  press and public, as well as various plans and goals to improve on these improvements, and more effectively the public transit system an important part of economic development in the Midlands area.
The Midlands Transit Center continues to make it our mission. To make sure  that all citizens in the Columbia-Midlands Area to see the transit system as a tool for economic development that helps to decrease unemployment and homelessness, so that prospective businesses and residents will want to become part of, and add to the growth of the Metropolitan Columbia Area.
Officials from the Comet and area municipalities have been invited to this event, including those who we hope to acknowledge for their efforts in advancing the transit system, over the past year.
If you have any questions, or need any more information, please feel free to contact me at 803-960-8785. or via e-mail at
Respectfully Yours,

Keith H. Seymour
Midlands Transit Riders Association
Vice President and Communications Chairperson

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ray Rice Domestic Abuse is everyone's concern

I was at mentor group social about a week ago, and over the past week or so, I have had and heard the discussions on ray rice, and other sports figures. sooner or later, i end up hearing words such as" it is no one's business. it is there private life.!!" this bothers me. why? well let me tell you. we see a stranger on the news who is "accused" of spousal abuse, or child abuse, and everyone is ready to say lock him or her up, and throw away the key!" understandably yet, if people see a favorite sports figure (t, ray rice, mike tyson beating actress wife robin givens), etc) and suddenly people are more understanding, and take the" it is is no one's business, it is their private business.PEOPLE THESE ARE PUBLIC FIGURES!!!! ANOTHER REASON I HAVE A A PROBLEM WITH THIS LINE OF THINKING ON SPORTS FIGURES accused of domestic abuseis this!!!. domestic abuse is nothing less than an epidmic in this country. A country that preaches to other countries about how they treat women as far in regards to religous and political equality has a battered women in this country every 14 seconds. That is right according to the /center for Abuse, a woman is battered every 15 seconds in this country. south carolina ranks number one in both domestic violence, and deaths by domestic violence. I imagine that a lot of this is happening because our sports idols and celebrities get away with it, so why shouldn't the average guy/gal. right "WRONG!!" children who are witnesses of domestic abuse either become abused or abusers themselves. This was proven in the 1980s, and has been proven over and over again!!!/ so people who feel ray rice was treated harshly because he lost his job, need to consider, no one would feel sorr forthe if they lsot theri job because of such a job. Also, the majorityof us do not have millions of dollar in savings and investments, due to mulit-million dollar contracts with our companies. it is is our business when these sports stars do this sort of thing, because our young kids look to these people as role models. now i have heard that because these sports stars did not publicly agree to be a role model, they are not role models. when you get in the public eye, and your intent ti to make sure that you profit off the fact you have a talent that people admire you for, especially youth, you are a role model. i am not a big sports fan, but when i was growing up, Billy jean king was a tennis role model, then it was revealed that she lived an amoral life that i disagreed with. I still admire her as historical figure with a sports talent, but morally, she is not someone i would want my nephews and nieces to look up to. when i was teenager, i though john mcenroe wa sos cool a tennis player,nit because he was good at hissport, but because he got away with throwing tantrums and using fowl language at almost everyone of his tennis matches. my mother pointed out how disappointed that she had found out i would look up to someone for acting so disgracefully. that was about 30 years ago now young people have the internet, you tube, 24/7 news casts.However, a sports star caught on a hotel elevator camera beating his wife, is far worse than a tennis star coming out of the closet about her sexual orientation, or a tennis star throwing a temper tantrum. so yes, any football team that would keep this any man that beat his wife should be boycotted. furthermore, i belief the NFL should be investigated for any cover up, and if it is found they knew all along this was going on, i would encourage any decent attorney out there to bring charges gainst the NFl
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Public Transit Important to Economic Development of Local community

Political, Community Leaders Need to Realize Benefits of Encouraging Better Transit System in
Lowering Unemployment, Creating Jobs

By: Keith H. Seymour

Recently, I attended a Columbia City Council Meeting, where the theme of this meeting, and all of the presentations, had to deal with “Columbia's Economic Development.” As I sat there in that meeting for over four hours I heard the City of Columbia praising and encouraging every civic and business leader in the room in the area of bringing various groups to the table to discuss the “Economic Development of this City. Upon being given my chance to speak, I stated my total disgust with City Council for not considering those involved with public transit in Columbia, important enough to be include in any of these discussions. Now, I realize that someone reading this might wonder what having a a viable bus system has to do with the positive development of Columbia's economic development. So, I am going to put it in perspective by pointing out a few facts and some common sense conclusions.

At the this very same meeting, when addressing the economic importance of mentor programs such
as “My Brother's Keeper,” existing in the Columbia Ar Ea, Councilwoman Devine pointed out that
African-American males in Columbia have more than a 20% unemployment rate, which is”higher than the state average of 17%. In addition to this, shortly before Councilwoman Devine made this statement, Councilmen Runyon and Boudouragh, and City Manager Wilson were discussing the possibility of keeping the emergency homeless shelter open for an “additional' forty five days. Several minutes was spent on the increasing homeless problem in our area.

It does not take a genius to figure out that if a better transit existed, therefore allowing more people to be employed, and others to have access to better jobs, in addition to more discretionary income being spent on restaurants and entertainment venue, more people would be employed. Lower unemployment has the potential to lower homelessness in this town. This would make the city more attractive to businesses, tourists, and new residents that the city is trying to bring to this city in the name of economic development. The fact is that when Sunday and later evening routes were cut between 2008and 2009, people began loosing their jobs, while others were turned down for jobs because they could not work on a Sunday, or past 7:30 p.m. The city has even lost prospective businesses and many of its citizens have left Columbia for places such as Charleston, Greenville, Atlanta, and Charlotte, and other communities, whose economic development has coincided with the increase in their transit system. These other transit systems have succeeded and continue to succeed because their communities view the public transit system as “tool of economic development,” rather than a “system to transport the poor and minorities It would there behoove the political and business leaders in this town to change their attitude, and become more “active” in working with those working to enhance and increase our local transit system.

The late Ike McCleese, former president of Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and an avid proponent often pointed this very fact out to several of our political and business leaders. Until this attitude changes,and more people tell our political and business leaders to think more like the late Mr. McCleese, Columbia will be stuck with an inefficient transit system that helps to perpetuate unemployment, homelessness., and tax paying citizens making an exodus from this city, causing a greater economic burden on those who remain. This will remain true regardless of how many new stadiums are built, minor league teams created, how many additions are made to museums, or how much money the city spends on improving storefronts.

Keith H. Seymour is the First Vice President and Communications Chairperson of the Midlands Transit Riders Association, a non-profit organization that advocate for a more efficient Transit system in the Columbia-Midlands Area. He may be reached t or at 80-960-8785.