Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Flash: Rossi killer not paroled

I just got an e-mail from the mother of Barbara "Bobbi" Rossi, who was up for parole today, January 6, 2010, for the 1984 for of Barbara Rossi. See previous blog article.

I join Mrs. Rossi in thanking everyone who signed and circulated petitions to keep Marcellus Pierce behind bars.

As a contibuting editor to, I have spoken to Editor at Large and owner of Sewell consusltancy, and he has offered to put a free banner ad up to promote the scholorship funds that have been created in honor of Bobbi Rossi, who was a nursing student at the Univerisity of South Carolina, at the time of her murder.

Donations may be via The Central Carolina Community Foundation or to BOBBI ROSSI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND.
C/O Central Carolina Community Foundation 2711 Middleburg Drive
Suite 213 Columbia, SC 29204parole

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