Thursday, June 4, 2009

"GM Now Means Government Motors: Buyout is indication that Obama, Liberals have Socialist Agenda

There is an old and humorous analogy that deals with the politically based economics that are defines a country’s political philosophy. The analogy goes something like this: “In a free capitalist society, you can buy a cow, and unless you sell it is yours. In a socialist society the government owns at least half the cow and “allows” you to own what is left, and in a communist society the government owns the cow, but convinces you own it.” In other words, in a capitalist society an individual may buy and sell property for the purpose of profit, while risking lost. In a socialist society, an individual may own property but need to obtain permission needs to make a profit of his/her property, and depending on how much of the property the individual owns, that person’s profit or loss may be equal or less than that of the government’s. If the government owns more of the property, they gain more profit, and if they lose money, they just make up for that loss by taxing private property, Causing the private individual to lose even more, while the government either breaks even or profits on that loss. In a communist society, the government owns everything, and taxes people who have nothing.

I bring up and explain this analogy, because in January, President Obama and the Democratic controlled congress took an oath to uphold the principles of the United States of America. The principles of “our great country” are based on a capitalist system of free enterprise. Yet, this man and his cronies appear to be taking this country in a socialist direction, as shown by the Government’s recent purchase of 60% ownership of General Motors.

However, the truth is that during the election, and then Senator Obama outlined their socialist agenda overtly by brainwashing the American people into believing he wanted to help them. He did this by promising free healthcare to all Americans, and a system in which every American would prosper. President Obama’s and the “Liberals’” method of alleged socialistic activism is unique in that “to my knowledge” socialism has historically been accomplished by brainwashing the poor and uneducated. Examples of this are China and the former Soviet Union (U.S.S.R, which eventually became communist countries. In contrast, President Obama and the Liberals also successfully achieved their goals by brainwashing the middle class and educated classes. Now, I am not suggesting that we are at risk of becoming a communist country. This country has too many educated people for that to happen, in my opinion.

Also, in all fairness to some of the people who helped put President Obama and the liberals in office, not everyone who voted for President Obama entirely at fault. Like all good con-artist Obama and the liberals used timing and fear to get into power. Specifically they played upon the fear of people adversely affected by an economic crisis which admittedly, began under the watch of President George W. Bush. They used this opportunity to make guarantees of free health care to everyone, while concurrently lowering their taxes. Under normal circumstances many of these same voters would have been able to figure out that a country whose social security system has been bankrupt for over 30 years, cannot possibly offer free healthcare to every person in this country, without either raising taxes, taking over private companies, or both.

As a result, “GM no longer stands for “General Motors,” but “Government Motors.” The fact is If GM prospers; the liberals now in power will get 60% of the profits contributed to their expense accounts and pork projects. If the government loses money on the GM buy out, there is a very real possibility that the private shareholders that own 40% of GM and the rest of us will be taxed at a higher tax rate. Either way, the American public is likely to end up funding the pork projects and the pockets of the liberals’ political and business cronies. Ultimately the Obama Administration has created an economic win-win situation for the tax and spend liberals now in power, and a lose-lose situation for the American taxpayer.

I will close my remarks unapologetically, by stating that because I do not wish to live in a country run on a socialist form of economics, I sincerely hope I am wrong. However, I plan to keep a very close watch on our national leadership to make sure socialist policies are not put in place, and I hope you do likewise.

Remember, the definition of a socialist economic system as part of a country’s political policy, is that the government owns part of the private property, company, or industry, therefore limiting the ability for private individuals to prosper.


  1. I hear what you are saying but I'm afraid that our Country has gotten in this mess and others playing the blame game. Long ago I made a personal decision. Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy. Of course I chose happy and that gives me amazing liberties to not judge or name call. Because I do not have to be right. The other main mantras of my life are, Be a part of the solution not a part of the problem and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

    What does this have to do with your message? I have my personal beliefs about what got us into this economic soup but that's then this is now. We never should have paid one dime of that extortion money from the get go. How does someone just show up on your doorstep and tell you life as you know it will end if you don't give us billions of dollars, right now! I'm still in shock that anyone even considered such nonsense. I would stare at the TV in disbelief and wonder where are our people? Where are our voices? We are so divided into parties that we can't think together as one Nation under God Indivisible with Freedom and Justice for ALL! I think we should stop rattling our savors and cease our battle cries, which after all only helps to confuse and hypnotize us into thinking if we stand against our fellow American on the basis of party that we add to our egocentrical idealism (poppycock). We need to step back like the Great Nation that we are and send forth leaders, like Andre, that can cut through the smoke and mirrors and get us back on track.

    part one

  2. part two

    The Bailout according to Kathie....

    It's a simple little program. Nobody is going to die over it on the contrary we will thrive from it! Let me tell you a story about a girl named Kathie (not Joe the plumber, this story is real). She had a great job making lots of money and she loved nice expensive things. So she went out and bought those things. Since she was fairly up and coming she got lots and lots of credit cards. The only problem was that Kathie must have missed some very vital days of school. She later surmised that it must have been the day they were discussing "the c's" like credit, commitment, etc...

    She would buy a beautiful outfit from the nicest stores and she loved that outfit, for that one time she wore it. After all she couldn't be seen twice in the same old thing! So imagine her disdain when she got the credit card bill. WHAT! I now have to pay for those old rags, with interest! Well that went on for a while until nobody wanted to give Kathie anymore credit! What's a girl to do? Well I did what this nation needs to do. I started over. If I didn't have the cash I didn't buy the thing. Sure it was not the most convenient thing and I had to rent because I couldn't buy a home and I did a lot of things that people do when they get themselves in that position. That was when I was a young woman. I am now 51 and you could not give me a credit card. Why would I want to be a slave to that again. They are just now screaming about credit card companies raising your rate to 31% if you get behind! That didn't just start happening they have been doing that for years. I have started several businesses from scratch. I didn't have to borrow money to do that. We started small and worked hard and produced a fabulous product. Sure there were many times at first that we could only pay our employees and we went without but they respected us for that and they worked hard and stayed loyal. In the case of one construction company I started we won the Parade of Homes, Best of Show with in 3 years. Sure it was hard but we did it and this Country not only can do it be we NEED to do it! If a company is so mismanaged and can't make it well, sorry bout cha. If I would have opened a business and showed up at your house saying look I screwed up please give me every penny you have so I can do more of the same, what would you say? I can tell you what the bank would say to you! Lets say you did give all your money to me and I pulled into my driveway a week later unloading my treasures from the fabulous vacation I went on with that money? How would you feel? Then to top it all off I come back a couple of months later and do it again, lol, unbelievable!

    But we are going to hell in a hand basket if we don't give them the money, they say. We gave them the money, twice, trillions of dollars! Throwing good money after bad. The definition of insanity is to do a thing over and over and expect different results. By definition our law makers are in sane. We need a man to rise up above this madness and take the bull by the horns because we have past the point of no return. We are stuck in a rut hoping things will improve and they will but not without allowing this free nation to do what it does best. Invent, create, overcome, preserver, innovate, discover, bind together not as right or left, Republican against Democrat but as AMERICAN people with hope and stamina to take that quantum leap into the future by going back to our past and correcting our mistakes.

  3. I agree that we should work together, but the bailout and the buyout of GM are two seperate issues. I do not want te government running private companies, or running private healcare. I agree that we are stuck in a rut,and will go as ar as to say that if we are not becoming sociialist, we are developing are monarchy type of system. The only difference is we elect our monarchs. As you now my family was stationed in England for a number of years. As a result I know quite a bit about Briish history. The only difference between the 15th and 16th century pantaganents, Tudors ans stewarts of England, and most of our politicians is that they are elected. The are dynasties *Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, Clyburn, etc).

    What most people do not realize about the bailout an buyout, is that it ia money that we not only do not have, but is not even budgeted at this point/
    The federal fiscal year runs from Ocotber 1 of the current year to septemeber 31 of the upcoming year. This means when thet pass the budget, the money spend on the bailout and Gm buyout will go in as a negative balance that needs to be paid off.

    What we neen is a law that states, that our government cannot be more than 10%-20% over budget in any given year. This how business are usually run. They budget an extra 10-20% for unexpected expenses. Of they exceed that they cut back on certain expenses and/or raise their prices.

    Everyone complains about how haliburtn had Bush and cheney in their Back Pockets. The Gm Buyout is the same thing. I amm willing to bet that GM will get a whole lot of governemnt contracts out of this buyout, and it will nt cost the governement much since they own 60%. It will cost the taxpayer.

  4. Bailout, buyout it's all the same. Rewarding big corporations for their horrible business practices. I understand your point about not wanting to see our country turn toward socialism and I agree with you. I agree that they are hiding the fact that we don't have the money in the budget as a matter of fact I can smell the printing presses from here!

    What really bugs me is that we are giving money to banks that want give us loans and car companies that make cars that are to expensive to buy. The average new SUV will run you over $60,000.00. How are they not making money? I will send you a link that will help you to understand what I'm talking about. The big corp. profit margin has been growing and growing while the rate that the worker is making has remained the same since the 70's. Corporate greed is part of the problem. Let those giants fall and let the American people go back to doing what so many immigrants sailed from their homeland to our big welcoming lady liberty to do. Do we even remember why they did that? They did it to start their own little business and make a living for their families. Many succeeded just to be gobbled up and shut down by these huge corporate giants. Let the giants fall, I say. The American people will have more opportunities than ever to run with that idea they had, build a better mouse trap, as it were.

    We gave all that money, throwing good money after bad and who did it help? Is GM still filing bankruptcy? Are they selling off their companies? Are they still laying off their employees that stood behind them and demanded the money? Has one house been saved from foreclosure? They could have taken that money and paid off every mortgage in America! The banks would have ended up with the money anyway but at least some of our home owners would be have been saved.

    I was on the board of directors for a test pilot program we did in Horry County to help provide insurance for small businesses and their workers. It saved the County money and as a matter of fact they increased it from a 1 year trial to 3 years. At the end of the three years we closed the books with a million dollars in the account. It was a huge success but before it's time I guess. Health care is a big issue but it can be done in a profitable manner for all concerned.

    Our schools are a joke and should be put on a voucher program. Their has to be competition for anything to thrive. A reason to get up and do your best every day. Our students are being dumbed down and desensitized and marketed to with product placement, brainwashed into being sheep while the other countries are following our lead from years long past and providing top notch education. No child left behind has got to go!

    As you can see I have my ideas about how to straighten out this mess but we have to wake up and smell the latte! We are spoiled baby boomers with children that freak if twitter is down for a day. We had better focus on our vulnerabilities and remember that our enemies know one thing for a fact, America will never fall from an outside attack, we can only fall from within.

    PS: I never got my stimulas check, did you?

  5. Kathy,
    I agree with you and ands your ideas. However, as someone said to me, when I was lecturing city coucnil on the inept way that they are handeling the homeless situation. such ideas won't be put into effect, because they do make sense. This is why people like you and I need to stay involved. As for your babyboomer comment (I am just barely aN OLDER gEN x), I agree. Baby boomers have done alot of wwonderful things for this country, but the hippies of the 1960s,1970's sold out their ideals, when they became the middle class yuppies of the 1980's and 1990's. These same people are now the baby boomer running this country, and it's companies. That happens to be one of my next post. "How the Baby Boomerswheled get us into this mess in the first place. Stay tuned for that one.

  6. Right on brotha! As I said, absolute power corrupts absolutely! This is where we have to make the changes! We have given them absolute power. You are right the hippies of the 60's and 70's turned into materialistic yuppies and their metro-sexual children with an inbred since of entitlement. This was a result of our parents wanting more for us than they had and we turned (sold out) from WE to ME! But you are wrong about such ideas will not be excepted because they make sense. That is precisely the catalyst that will launch the next leaders. There will come a voice that will speak the truth. Not 'Carl Rove voodoo' not 'Obama romance' using sound bites and word play like 'they hate us for our freedom' and 'CHANGE' but someone that rings the perfect bells of truth that will resonate in the minds of the people of this Nation that have been hypnotised into a false security that is now crashing down around them. They scamper around for who to blame hoping that will relieve their sudden loss of security. They will soon find that blame and anger is no answer. It is the actual problem. There will come a person. Not a politician, an activist an advocate. A true representation of the consciousness of the people. A person that will not stroke them into the false security of an illusion but someone that will speak the truth. Will lay it on the line. Tell the truth. Have an actual plan that includes discomfort and a drastic change in how things are done now. People are afraid of change. But as we know, there is nothing to fear but fear it's self. We have detached so much from community and helping our fellow man because of greed (keeping up with the Jone's) and fear of loss. There are two ways to motivate people in general, fear of loss or hope of gain. We have lost the value of giving without hope of return. We have lost the value of combining resources and becoming involved in what happens to our people. The connection of the people of the past is why people wonder at the expression 'the GREAT depression'. What was so great about it? The extreme value of community and family, friendship and the sacrifice of self for the good of many. Trust me the winds are shifting and we are on the edge
    of a quantum leap into a consciousness that is awakened into the hearts and minds of the people of this Country! I think that Andre may be the man that is big enough to usher this new age in.

    I look forward to more of your thoughts and I pray for the enlightenment to come before we sink to far into the muck and mire of our lack of accountability. Not blame and persecution but personal responsibility to stand up for the principals on which this great nation was founded.

    It may seem like a pipe dream now but mark my words, sooner or later, and later may be to late, we will have to bend over and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Will it be uncomfortable and completely different from anything we have heard in my lifetime, YES. But I will tell you that if we band together for this type of change it will yield the most fulfilling and peaceful and secure feeling the American people have had since the Revolutionary war. We must regain our original purpose and reinstate the power to the people. It can be done. It MUST be done.