Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama, Democrats using nomination of prominant South Carolinians to turn South carolina from conservative to Oppressive Liberal State

First, I would like to preface my comments by stating that my reasons for choosing this I topic for my first Blog article. The fact is that the Republican Party, which was founded by Abraham Lincoln, as a grassroots slave abolitionist movement, has begun to become complacent, and a Will Rodgers type of political party.

For those people who wonder what I mean by a Will Rodgers type of political party, let me explain. Will Rodgers was a well known humorist who once exclaimed “I do not belong to any organized political party, I’m a Democrat.” Having explained my reason for choosing this topic as my first Blog article, I will now continue with my comments.
President Obama’s three most recent appointments of South Carolina natives is a clear indication that he (and most definitely the Democratic Party are playing the “Political Color” card to advance their agendas of Gay Marriage, Abortion, and what appears to be the destruction of the free enterprise system of this country, via the socialization of our country’s private companies. (I.e. bailing out our banks and failing automobile companies with tax payer dollars, only to have the federal government to control them.

Now it should be made clear that when I say that President Obama and the Democrats are using the appointees as a way of using the “Color Card” to advance their political agenda, I am not using the term synonymously with the phrase “Race Card.” I am specifically referring to the fact that not only conservatives, but anyone who cares about South Carolina and this country, need to wake up and smell the melted horse manure that is being served up as cappuccino. I am referring to the fact that President Obama’s appointments, and the Democratic Party’s attempt to turn South Carolina from a “red” (Republican) state to a “blue” Democratic state.
Now let’s explore a few facts to prove my assertion that these three South Carolina natives is a likely ploy to change the dominant political affiliation of South Carolina. Let’s begin with racial demographics. Depending on who you speak to, African-Americans not only make up 12%-15% of our country, population, they also make up 33%-40% of South Carolina. It should also be pointed out here that the African-American community no longer falls into fastest growing minority group in this country. For close to ten years, this honor has fallen to the Hispanic/Latino Community. So there is no reason for any politician regardless of race to make a special effort to cater to the Africa-American by appointing an African to a high ranking position. I would also be remiss that one of President Obama’s three nominees (former secretary of Education, Inez Tennebaum) is actually Caucasian.

Now the career qualifications of these three nominees (General Charles Bolden, Former Secretary Tennebaum, Ms. Mignon Clyburn-eldest daughter of U.S. Representative James Clyburn (Dem.-S.C.), are not being questioned here. I personally would like to see General Bolden confirmed as head of NASA, and feel that Ms. Clyburn is qualified to be considered for such an honor. (For more on Mignon Clyburn’s qualifications go to Click on Archives, and then click on the May 7, 2009 newspaper.)

This is about the fact that the one thing that makes these three so important to the liberal agenda is that they are from South Carolina. More important to the liberals is that these three individuals are not only from a state that has two to three times the African-American Population, but a state where historically, at least 90% of all African-Americans will vote Democrat.

For example, in the 1990’s Attorney, Richard Harpootlian insulted the African-American community, by stating that he did not want to buy the African-American vote for a day, he just wanted “to quote rent it.” Now everybody knows that something that is rented is of less value to an individual than something that is purchased. Leaders within the African-American community took this as the insult that it was intended to be. Yet, they and the African-American community blindly gave this man who, they would later worship as head of the Democratic Party, more than 90% of the African-American vote. This has even occurred with our National representatives in the Democratic Party. I seem to remember viewing a news cast where then U.S. Senator Ernest (“Fritz”) Hollings stated that he was so glad that Africa was getting financial aid, because on a previous visit Africa, years earlier, had observed that “them potentates were just eating each other up.” Now in spite of the fact that this man implied that our cultural brothers and sisters in Africa were nothing better than cannibals, African-Americans gave this man the vote because he wore the label “Democrat.”

Now Obama and the Democrats know that this sort of blind justice to a party whose purpose is to socialize and destroy the moral values of this state and country, because of the political label that is worn, is all they need to enslave the people (including African-Americans) into of this country into a system that goes against their consciences

An example of what I am talking about is the Liberal camp’s attempt to deplete the morals of this country, by pushing the pro-gay platform, in spite of the fact that about 60% of all Americans, and an even higher percentage of African-Americans are against this type of life style.

Add to this the fact that people are more likely to vote for someone, because they are from that same state, I would not be surprised if the Democrats are attempting to open doors for representative Clyburn and/or some other prominent African-American from South Carolina to successfully run for U.S. Senate, because that African-American wears the label Democrat. If this happens, South Carolina becomes a “blue” state; we will risk becoming just another amoral, socialistic state. Rather than remaining the center of county’s Bible belt. Many of the Christian moral values that have succeeded in making this state so strong have come from the African-American Community. It is no mistake that the percentage of African-Americans in this state make up 2-3 times the national average, and that South Carolinians are church goers in far greater numbers.

I began my remarks by stating that Abraham Lincoln, the father of the conservative movement, founded the movement on a grassroots abolitionist movement. I would however if I did not mention the man who is celebrated as father of the liberal Democrat movement. You may have heard of him, Thomas Jefferson. Now Thomas Jefferson as a founding father and great presidential leader was also a man who infamously owned slaves. I f the people in this country do not wake up, and get back to the conservative grassroots values of Abraham Lincoln, not only African-Americans but all Americans will be enslaved with the amoral and unconscionable values of liberals. Except this time, the slavery will not be in the form of chains, but political brainwashing, through the use of labels. The slave owning president will not be a white man named Jefferson, but a black man named Obama.
The Bottom Line is, that if Bolden, Clyburn, and Tennenbaum are confirmed (I personally would like to see Bolden confirmed) the people of South Carolina must under no circumstances allow this door to making this a blue state, remain open, under any circumstances.

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